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How to Become a Parliamentarian (NAP)

Learn how to work your way through the ranks of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP).

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Gregory Carlson

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Gregory Carlson is our Chief Executive Officer. He was a high school math teacher for two years in New Mexico, and has been an adjunct math instructor at Pueblo Community College for four years. Gregory is a Professionally Registered Parliamentarian and enjoys classical guitar, idle games, and chess. Gregory's first word was Blickel.

Services include:

  • Meeting Parliamentarian
  • Professional Presiding Officer
  • Parlamentary Workshops
  • Presiding Officer Coaching
  • Live Meeting Assistance
  • Bylaw Drafting

Past clients include:

  • Political convention with 3,000+ delegates
  • 2 Mayors and 1 City Council
  • A major sports organization's Board of Directors
  • A Property Owner's Association
  • Training for two National Advocacy groups
  • Utilizing Parliamentary Procedure Finesse
  • The top 15 Mistakes that Presiding Officers make

Past presentations have included:

  • Interpreting Ambiguous Bylaws (Presented at the 2022 NAP National Training Conference)
  • Enforcing Decorum in Meetings and dealing with disruptive members
  • Privileged Motions
  • Board Meetings and Parliamentary Procedure

"Thanks for making me look good!"

- Quote from client who was a presiding officer of a small political party

The goal of any parliamentarian

Parliamentarian vs. Lawyer,
what is the difference?

Parliamentarian vs. Lawyer

Do you know that many lawyers do not take a single course in parliamentary procedure? Lawyers will help write contracts and help you navigate the legal system, but during an actual meeting, you need a parliamentarian.

  • Do your meetings take way longer than they should? Do they seem to run in circles?
  • Do your meetings lack decorum, with members making personal attacks and not focusing on the issues?
  • Do your meetings seem disorganized and lacking clear direction? Or maybe you were just elected President and you are not sure how to run the meeting?
  • That anyone can call themselves a parliamentarian, but only those who have completed the rigorous training of the National Association of Parliamentarians can call themselves a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (r)
  • There are only about 400 Professional Registered Parliamentarians in the world!

Did you know:

  • That there is an order of precedence between your governing documents and rules?
  • That with a little bit of training, you can learn to run a fair, efficient, and productive meeting?
  • Do your members know how to make motions (decisions) or how to change a motion that has already been voted on?
  • That most organization use Robert's Rules of Order (RONR)
  • That there are 98 different motions in (RONR) which a member may make?
  • How to deal with resignations, or executive session, or how to take advantage of committees?
  • How to handle a member or members who are being disruptive to the meeting?
  • That there are best practices for running online or electronic meetings?

A Professional Registered Parliamentarian can assist with all of these questions, and more!

Parliamentarian Services

Parliamentarian or Professional Presiding Officer or at a Live Meeting or Parliamentary Workshop

Meeting minimum payment: 1 hour; rounded up to 15 minute increments

Up to 15 members

$150 per hour

16 to 100 members

$200 per hour

Over 100 members

Specific contract required, either hourly or flat fee, please contact me

Reasonable Incidental Costs - Varies

Travel - $100 per hour

Hourly Services - $100 per hour (Rounded up to 15 minute increments)

  • Reviewing Governing Documents/Preparing for a meeting
  • Meeting Preparation Consultation
  • Meeting Parliamentarian
  • Bylaw Consultation
  • Script Writing
  • Presiding Coaching
  • Bylaw or Motion Drafting
  • Parliamentary Opinion Writing