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God Syndrome

Excerpt 1

"Surprisingly, Kig's heart broke as Aiden began to sob into his chest, loss of innocence, a newfound fear of people. Aiden had a dangerous, informal introduction to the apocalypse, one Kig didn't want him to have just yet. Kig felt his own eyes tear up, his grip on Aiden tightened."-Heller (Pg. 33)

Twilight's game

Excerpt 1

"My feet moved before me as I spun, feet pounding as the sound of glass echoed out as I heard a screech grow distant. I felt the presence grow nearer as I sped up, off in the distance, there was a woman. A cloak went down to her feet as she floated above the ground, white hair disappearing underneath. My mouth opened to yell as I fell back, my voice echoing as I saw her quickly spin around, yelling my name in a melancholy tone."-Heller (Pg.66-67)


So, we had a twisted fairytales kind of campaign going on. We were at the grandmother's house looking for anything. Our bard decides to take grandma's dentures. During our investigating, he decided he was going to start ripping the floorboards off with hid dentures. He failed a constitution save and threw up from--I believe it was--the smell coming from the basement. He went to the bathroom searching for toothpaste, the name of the dentures he called were "Snow White Dentures". So our bard rolls a nat 1 on perception and our Dungeon Master get's this big smile. He describes the bard finding the toothpaste, and yelling out "Toothpaste!" he slams his hand down on the tube--I believe he had a strength check which was a nat 20. The toothpaste gets all over the wall and our bard, deciding that this wasn't going to be the end of his quest for toothpaste, decides to lick it off the wall. I can't remember if he got a 1 or a 10 on this, but he had to do another constitution save. Our Dungeon Master is laughing as he describes "your Snow White Dentures are pure again, but you aren't." He had licked black mold off the wall.