Senior Sports

A Brief Overcap

Highshcool has been a rollercoaster of events and I couldnt't have been more thankful for my oppurtunities! The number one thing I wish I would've known is that this only happens once so just go for it. I stopped playing basketball talked myself out of volleyball due to overlapping seasons. The point of all this is you only have four years to make it all count so just go for it!


Although when first looking to play a sport many would probably overlook tennis. I highly recommend you don't! Tennis by far (except basketball) has been the funnest sport experience in my highschool career. The sport has a tremendous amount of layers that are considerably more satisfying to learn as you go, and you will never be the best so you can always have a goal. The best year for me was my senior year. My partner Bryce Morgan and myself had the best record on the team, number one seed in the region, and created an amazing chemistry together!


Track was the only sport I ran throuhgout my entire highschool career. I am expecting to be the team captain this coming season and couldn't be more excited! I started my freshmen year expecting ot run only the JV meets, but after the first day of tryouts I was told I held four varsity events. What's funny is I never expected or planned to do track but during my freshmen year of tennis a senior called me trackstar because I was the fastest kid on the team, and then I went and tried out. Ever since the first day of practice I haven't had a single regret and love running track. I run all single and relay races under 400 meters.



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