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Diddle Master


Welcome to the best way to diddle like a master! The goal of the game is to click on the big snare drum. By doing that, your drum hit counter will go up! You can use these to purchase different upgrades and certain tasks completed will earn yourself some acheivements! Information below describes what each upgrade will do! Higher upgrades will cost more!

Diddle - Cost: 60

This upgrade will allow you to make each drum click worth 1 more. For example, the first time you redeem this, it will give you 2/click, and the next time will be 3/click and so on.

Auto Drum Pad - Cost: 2,500

This upgrade will start giving you clicks every second. Each time this is redeemed, it will add 1 click per second.

Multiple Drums - Cost: 250,000

This upgrade will add 1,000 clicks per second. Each time this is redeemed, it will add 1,000 clicks to the already remaining amount given.

Full Drumset - Cost: 10,000,000

This upgrade will add 40,000 clicks per second. Each time this is redeemed, it will add 40,000 clicks to the already remaining amount given.

Masterful Drumline - Cost: 1,000,000,000

You win the game! You can either restart after this, or go into free play and see how high you can get! In addition to this, it will add 500,000 clicks to the already remaining amount given.

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Number of beats: 0

Beats per click: 1

Beats per second: 0



1 You hit 1 beat!
1K You hit 2 beats
1M You hit 100,000 beats
1B You hit 1,000,000,000 beats!
1 bps You're hitting 1 beat every second!
1K bps You're making 1,000 cell every second!
1M bps You're making 1,000,000 cell every second!
1B bps You're making 1,000,000,000 cell every second!
/ You have 1 Diddle!
// You have 100 Diddles!
/// You have 1,000 Diddles!
ψ You have 1 Auto Drum Pad!
ψψ You have 100 Auto Drum Pads!
ψψψ You have 1,00 Auto Drum Pads!
β You use multiple drums!
ββ You used multiple drums 100 times!
βββ You used multiple drums 1,000 times!
ξ You use a drumset!
ξξ You use 100 drumsets!
ξξξ You use 1,000 drumsets!
Ξ You have a drumline!
ΞΞ You have 100 drumlines!
ΞΞΞ You use 1,000 drumsets!

You win!

You successfully were able to get enough beats to make a masterful drumline! You can either restart the game or you can go into freeplay and get as high as you can! There are also a total of 23 achievements you can collect! Close this popup to continue the game, or refresh the page to restart!

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